Immanuel Lutheran Church
Friday, November 24, 2017
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One (Two) Room Sunday School
9:15 am in the Fellowship Hall
Separate Class for Younger Children
                         David Meets Goliath          
                                                                       Rally Day - September 10 , 2017

One Room Sunday School
This year Immanuel will be engaging in our fourth year of intergenerational
Sunday School.  This will be our third year in our Walk through the Bible journey.
Two years ago we studied Genesis and the stories about the beginnings of our faith.
Last year we explored the Exodus journey from Egypt to the Promised Land.
This year we focus on Judges, Kings and Prophets during the Settlement and Kingship periods. Lots of amazing stories await us. Even if you have missed previous
years or lessons, you can easily join in and be part of the journey.
This method of doing Sunday School allows us to learn together as a whole community.  Often it is the youngest among us that have the deepest insights and teach us the most. We try to make active learning (drama, crafts, table discussions, etc.) a part of
every lesson so that we learn the stories in ways that aid us in remembering. Having fun and building relationships with each other is one of the strengths of our time together.
We usually work in table groups that allow some groups to dive more deeply and maturely into the lesson.  Other tables are designed to help our elementary children and
youth explore at their level of interest and skill.   
This year we are adding a preschool area that will provide activities for the little ones. These activities will focus on roughly the same stories but use play activities and
learning centers as the teaching method. The strength of our Sunday school
programming is that it allows families and all ages to learn together so we are hoping
that more parents and little ones will join us this year. You can feel free to join your
little ones in the preschool room or in the main room, whichever works
best for you and your family.
We are also expanding our Sunday School leadership team so that we have more
leaders trained in this methodology and in the biblical and theological themes for the
coming year. This team will be meeting on several Sundays this summer
during the fellowship hour. I believe we currently have 5 volunteers, but would
welcome more. Let me know if you are interested in being part of this team. 
As the coordinating teacher of this program I sincerely hope everyone will join us
for the coming year. Our regular participants have seen their Bible knowledge
expand and deepen. Cross generation friendships have blossomed. And, as
always, food, fun, and fellowship are available for all. Come join us in September!
Pam Gonzalez